Your loved one is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's.

Traditional communication will no longer be an option...

Life as you know it will change forever.

Chaos, confusion and fear are creeping in...

Due to your search for an alternative way to caring for a loved one who is experiencing an illness that hinders communication, you've been divinely guided here.  Through these messages you will learn how to communicate with the Higher Self of your loved one to aid your journey as you walk the pathway that is silent of coherent communication. 

Who is the Higher Self?

As humans we are three levels of consciousness:

superconscious or Higher Self.

The Higher Self is our superconscious Spirit, God Part or Divinity within.  It is who/what we are without our physical body.  It is the connection we have with one another - our union with God, The Creator of All That Is.

Each one of us has the ability to tap into the essence of who we are, our Higher Self and connect with the Higher Self of others.  Even if our loved one experiences:

Separation by distance
Comatose state
Drugs - the loved one's body is medicated due to an illness

Benefits of Connecting with the Higher Self

Connecting with the Higher Self of your loved one will allow you to continue your relationship albeit in a different way than what you are accustomed.  You will be able to:

ask your loved one questions
learn if there is anything you can do for them to aid in their comfort or finish unfinished business
express your love for them in a way they understand
experience and embrace their love for you
say words yet unsaid
attain a level of peace, serenity and comfort

The Pain of Alzheimer's and Dementia

Personal note from Kate:

In the 80's my maternal grandmother experienced Alzheimer's.  This was before I learned how to connect with the Higher Self/Spirit.  Our family struggled with how best to care for Grandmother and we could only imagine how she struggled locked inside her body.

In 2007 my maternal grandfather was diagnosed with Dementia. By this time I knew how to connect with the Higher Self and open the door to communication.  I used this connection to communicate with him and give messages to my grandmother that helped Grandpa to "finish" his business with her here on Mother Earth before his physical body died. 

I offer this method of connecting and communicating with the Higher Self of your loved ones with prayers that you find peace, love and comfort to bless you throughout the coming days...

In love and light,

Click into the Connect with the Higher Self page to discover the method I used.

Tools of Support

You may use the Communicating through Dementia guided journey or the Alzheimer's Alternative Care class to learn how to communicate with your loved one's Higher Self.  Do not worry if you are new to meditation, Kate softly walks you through each step, clearly explaining what to do.  She holds a safe space for you to connect with your Higher Self and lights the way for you to then connect with the Higher Self of you loved one.

Communicating through Dementia guided meditation is available on CD or as an immediate MP3 download.  There are two tracks - one explaining the method and process, the other is the gentle guided meditation to connect with your loved one.  The Communicating through Dementia method is also referenced in Kate's Amazon Best Seller, Waiting in the Other Room.

The Alzheimer's Alternative Care class is available on CD or as an immediate MP3 download.  The class also includes a manual that you will receive as a hard copy with the CD or as a downloadable PDF file with the MP3.  In this class you will learn how to:

Identify feelings outside of love that you are experiencing
Release and dissipate your feelings of helplessness and fear
Transmute your doubt to love
Elevate your vibrational frequency
Shift unforgiveness to love
Ask for permission
Communicate with your loved one's Higher Self

Unconditional Love...

Those who are locked inside their bodies due to Alzheimer's, Dementia, coma or other illness may still have "unfinished" business that you may be able to help them finish by connecting with them. Connecting and communicating with the Higher Self of those we love is a blessed gift of unconditional love for you as well as your loved one.

You have an opportunity to be a pioneer in this unconventional method of communication that will be "main stream" in coming years.  This is to be used as a compliment to traditional medicinal treatment and keeps the family spirit in tact for greater emotional support during a loved ones time of need.  Walking this path with our loved one opens the door to love on all levels. 

May you be comforted in the coming days...


Hope is here...


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